Logbook servicing

Logbook servicing in Townsville

What is logbook servicing?

A logbook service is a full service that examines your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended to maintain the new car warranty. The logbook contains specific or recommended service requirements for your vehicle and acts as a record keeper where technicians will log what services have been done and when. Completing these services within the allotted time periods can help preserve your vehicle’s resale value and maintain the warranty. Regular check-ups will also extend the life of your vehicle has well.

Why choose Bob Freeman Motors for your logbook service?

In order to preserve your warranty when doing these services, the service provider must be an authorised dealer. We at Bob Freeman Motors have a team of highly experienced and trained staff who are authorised to perform logbook services for you. 

Our team will service your vehicle exactly as the manufacturers recommended and record it in your logbook so that your warranty and car are maintained. We also use high-quality parts from trusted brands when required. Our highly trained staff can finish these services quickly getting you back to the things that matter most to you. If you are not sure about your warranty or where the logbook is, we can also assist you in finding out the information you are looking for.

Certified and authorised staff

You can trust Bob Freeman Motors to do a quality job and provide competitive prices.
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